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Software and IT:

  • How to use OpenPGP with Thunderbird or using webmail (like gmail etc.).
  • For graphs, I use the tikz package. Jacques Crémer has written an excellent mini-introduction to tikz. qtikz is a nice little software that makes graph creation with tikz even simpler by providing some WYSIWYG feeling.
  • For writing games, the packages provided by Martin Osborne are helpful.
  • I use julia to solve examples numerically. (In the past, I also used python.)


I have written some python code to solve school choice matching problems as well as some simple programs to solve finite strategic form games of complete information. Both can be found on github. Neither is computationally fast as both were only made for teaching purposes. Check the .org files as they contain lots of explanations.

For some of my papers, I used julia for numerical analysis.


  • Economics of Privacy slides
  • Hart "A theory of firm scope" QJE 2010 slides
  • Segal/Whinston "Robust Predictions for Bilateral Contracting with Externalities" slides