Working Papers

Welfare optimal information structures in public good provision, paper

Anonymous or personal? A simple model of repeated personalized advice (with Marius Gramb), paper

Why Echo Chambers are Useful (with Ole Jann), paper
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covered on Marginal Revolution and Stumbling and Mumbling

Stochastic mechanisms and quasilinear preferences (with Jan Boone), paper (inactive)


Optimal information structures in bilateral trade, paper, Theoretical Economics, Vol. 18 (1), January 2023, pp. 421-461
code for binary type space, code for uniform type distribution
Former title: "Welfare optimal information structures in bilateral trade"

Competing with big data (with Jens Prüfer), paper, Journal of Industrial Economics, doi, Vol. 69, No. 4, December 2021, pp. 967-1008
slides, numerics (julia version < 0.7)

Regime change games with an active defender (with Ole Jann), paper, Games and Economic Behavior, doi, Vol. 129, September 2021, pp. 96-113
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Former titles: "How Jeremy Bentham would defend against self-fulfilling attacks" and "Why are vulnerable regimes stable? Defending against coordinated attacks through unpredictability"

An informational theory of privacy (with Ole Jann), paper, Economic Journal, doi, Vol. 130 (625), January 2020, pp. 93-124
supplementary material, slides

Do health insurers contract the best providers? Provider networks, quality and costs (with Jan Boone), paper, International Economic Review, doi, Vol. 60 (3), August 2019, pp. 1209-1247

Too good to be truthful: Why competent advisers are fired, paper, Journal of Economic Theory doi, Vol. 181, May 2019, pp. 333-360
supplementary material

Facilitating consumer learning in insurance markets: What are the welfare effects? (with Johan Lagerlöf), paper, Scandinavian Journal of Economics doi, Vol. 120 (2), April 2018, pp. 465-502
supplementary material, Python code

Monopoly insurance and endogenous information (with Johan Lagerlöf), paper, International Economic Review doi, Vol. 59, February 2018, pp. 233-255
supplementary material, Python code 1 and Python code 2, slides

Health insurance without single crossing: why healthy people have high coverage (with Jan Boone), paper, Q&A, Economic Journal doi, Vol. 127 (599), February 2017, pp. 85-104
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Procurement with specialized firms (with Jan Boone), paper, RAND Journal of Economics doi, Vol. 47, Fall 2016, pp. 661-687
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Adverse selection without single crossing: monotone solutions, preprint including webappendix, Journal of Economic Theory doi, Vol. 158, July 2015, pp. 127-164
supplementary material: main text example, interior binding ic, bunching example

Correlated equilibria in homogeneous good Bertrand competition (with Ole Jann), preprint, Journal of Mathematical Economis doi, Vol. 57, March 2015, pp. 31-37

Cost incentives for doctors: A double-edged sword, preprint, Q&A, European Economic Review doi, Vol. 61, July 2013, pp. 43-58